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Author: Laurie Fabrizio
Published: June 17, 2010 at 9:16 am

Button Parenting a college-bound student is a tricky business.  Trying to combine your emotional and financial support with your child's new found independence can seem nearly impossible.  When my daughters went off to college, I wrestled with how to give love and support without them expecting too much.

As a mom, we worry about our kids eating properly, so we send care packages.  They come home on break, and you find yourself sending back half of the pantry and refrigerator.  You are out shopping and you pick up those little extra things they might need.  I have even caught my husband slipping them money “just in case of an emergency.” The girls never fail to phone home when they are short on cash.  It is easy for kids to fall in a pattern of expecting us to “foot the bill,” for all of those unexpected expenses. 

Both our girls seemed convinced that the money they earn over the summer, lasts forever.  Let’s see, $7 an hour for 20-30 hours a week…hmm that’s a fortune.  Unfortunately, Mom and Dad end up supplementing this meager amount, well before the school year is over.

Providing supplemental cash during the school year has become common practice for many parents.  However, my husband has a rule in our house, which is that when the girls are home for the summer, they are off of his payroll.  It is amazing how motivated they both have been to find summer jobs, when their money source dries up.   They have done everything from working fast food and retail, to dog sitting and being a nanny.  However, this summer, with the poor economy, finding employment for college students is almost impossible.

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