BlogFrog Gives Birth to Network of ‘Mommy Bloggers’

Author: John Egan
Published: January 18, 2011 at 6:19 pm

Boulder, Colo.-based startup BlogFrog Inc. has jumped into the world of “mommy bloggers.”

BlogFrog, a developer of blogging software, has re-launched as what it’s calling the country’s largest network of “mommy blogs,” connecting 50,000 mommy bloggers to 5.5 million women online. The Internet has nearly 5 million mommy bloggers, “and that number is quickly growing,” according to BlogFrog.

BlogFrog’s newly expanded website publishes real-time content gathered from an array of blogs. BlogFrog’s technology lets bloggers add an “instant community” to a blog or website, enabling readers to participate in discussions about like-minded topics.

“While offering the creative platform for women to chronicle motherhood, blogs lack the capability to be networked and social,” said Rustin Banks, co-founder and CEO of BlogFrog.

“This is where BlogFrog jumps in. BlogFrog gives bloggers a way to bring their readers together in a community that is centered around and integrated into their blog. It’s the glue that connects women online with topics they are passionate about.”

The company started as a blogging community aimed at all kinds of bloggers. Since BlogFrog’s founding in 2009, mommy bloggers have gravitated toward the company’s widget software, and now the company is catering to that audience.

BlogFrog said it helps bloggers:

• Build stronger connections with visitors.

• Engage with readers by answering questions, sharing photos, posting videos and hosting live conversations.

• Generate more traffic.

• Increase repeat visits.

• Produce revenue. Among the revenue opportunities are banner ads, sponsored chats and branded communities.

“In addition to facilitating communities and conversations among women, BlogFrog understands that women represent the most powerful influence on consumer purchase decisions. Research shows that despite their purchasing power, women still feel deeply misunderstood by brands and advertisers,” according to BlogFrog.

BlogFrog said it recently attracted an undisclosed amount of funding. reported that some of the investors are David Cohen, founder of TechStars; Brian Makare, founder of @Last Software; Andy Grolnick, founder of Logrhythm; John Spiers and Kelly Long, founders of LeftHand Networks; and Rajat Bhargava, founder of ServiceMetrics and StillSecure.

“Our social features really resonate with mom bloggers because we are inherently community- and service-oriented. Women and moms tend to be more social online than men and tend to form stronger digital relationships,” said Holly Hamann, co-founder and vice president of marketing at BlogFrog.

“Our mission is to enable all women online to discover, join or create communities that help make those digital relationships meaningful.”


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