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Fight Acne with Blue Light Therapy

Author: Victoria Girard
Published: May 14, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Acne is a frustrating condition that can strike people of all ages, gender, and race causing undue stress, embarrassment, and even low self-esteem. It’s a debilitating condition that goes way beyond the aesthetic appearance of the skin. Many turn to harsh chemicals, drugs, or skin damaging lasers as a means to treat acne, but all too often they cause more unwarranted damage to the skin. Blue light therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and gentle option for treating and preventing breakouts without the use of skin damaging alternatives.

Blue Led acne light therapy has the ability to penetrate into the skin fighting acne at the source. Blue LED wavelengths ranging from 415-445 nanometers kill the acne causing bacteria, P. acnes, while stabilizing the oil glands and regulating oil production. This process helps fight acne at the cause and doesn’t just mask the problem.

LED light therapy is scientifically proven to help beautify the skin from the inside out promoting healthier cells and functions. Blue light therapy prevents and even reverses mild to moderate cases of acne without harsh chemicals or drugs making it a viable alternative for treating this frustrating skin condition that wreaks havoc on the skin.

Blue light wavelengths target the bacteria, P. acnes, without hurting or damaging the surface of the skin as laser treatments can do. The dpl Nuve Blue, one of the most powerful acne lights on the market, is an FDA cleared handheld device that penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin fighting acne breakouts and controlling future outbreaks. Overtime, and with consistency, this unit will dramatically diminish, reduce, and prevent blemishes from occurring.

From teens to adults it’s a simple way to take control of acne and promote a clearer and more beautiful complexion. It only takes a few minutes a day and allows users the opportunity to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the skin or dangerous drugs that may cause irreversible harm. It is all natural, safe, and doesn’t contain harmful UV rays. Blue light therapy fights and prevents acne gently and effectively helping the skin look healthier and clearer for all ages, gender, and races.


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