Furor Over Komen's Announcement Escalates! Komen Site Hacked!

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: February 02, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Komen hacked: compare top and bottom messages 

On the one hand, maybe the Susan G.Komen Foundation's kill of support and funds for Planned Parenthood because of "efficiency" may be the best thing since sliced bread was invented...for Planned Parenthood. The PR backlash against Komen has shown overwhelming advocacy for Planned Parenthood and has pushed up donations to over $650,00 in 24 hours according to the non profit's executives.However, this will have to continue if Planned Parenthood is to survive against the political onslaught which is coming against it from Komen's ending support for the non profit.

Planned Parenthood's  health centers spend 97% of their resources on preventative health care, providing breast cancer education awareness, screenings and  mammogram referrals to those whose only source of health care is Planned Parenthood. The funding cut, though denied by Nancy G Brinker, founder and organization leader, has been criticized by various individuals as politically motivated. Brinker's reasons justifying the cut appeared hollow and empty in light of the events of the past month, her ties to Republicans and the Bushes and her hiring of Karen Handel, as the non-profit's new vice-president. Hanel is against abortion rights. Many critics point to Handel, the former Georgia Secretary of State whose 2012 gubernatorial campaign included specific calls to defund Planned Parenthood in Georgia.

In response to the angry outcry and Wednesday night response from Brinker, the Atlanta arm of Susan G. Komen for the Cure issued a statement Thursday separating itself from the actions of the national body. They indicated that Atlanta's Planned Parenthood organization never asked for funding from Komen's Atlanta branch.

"Komen Atlanta remains committed to ensuring that all women, especially the underserved, in our community have access to lifesaving breast cancer screening and support services. The decision regarding the funding of Planned Parenthood was made by Susan G. Komen for the Cure National Headquarters based on new guidelines that prohibit funding to organizations that are under local, state or federal investigation. The Atlanta area Planned Parenthood organization has never requested funding from Komen Atlanta. Therefore, this decision from Komen National Headquarters will have no impact on local Planned Parenthood centers. We understand, and share, in the frustration around this situation."

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