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Get Your Kids Off of YouTube and onto KidzVuz

Author: Vanessa Druckman
Published: November 13, 2011 at 8:49 pm

One of my children's favorite activities on a rainy weekend afternoon is to surf YouTube. Goofy videos about Rainbow unicorns, Harry Potter skits acted out by Legos, and cute cats and puppies could keep them entertained for hours, if I didn't limit their Internet time. I'm well versed with their YouTube tastes because I watch them like a hawk, terrified that one innocent search term could lead them to an inappropriate video, filled with sex, swears, or violence.

They don't just want to watch YouTube videos, they also want to contribute their own content to the site. Fame is one viral video away, and they're constantly coming up with new ideas for videos to upload, from cooking shows to playground stunts. Only the caustic comments on other videos hold them back. The world of YouTube is too adult and tough for their fragile egos.

Two New York bloggers and moms, Rebecca Levey and Nancy Rabinowitz Friedman, have started a video community for children by children to provide a forum more appropriate than YouTube. KidzVuz lets kids upload and view content that is more appropriate for them, in a more supportive environment. Kidzvuz has channels mirroring a wide range of children's interests including movies, sports, pets, books, and travel.

Just like YouTube, kids can rate videos and leave comments. It also has some social media components, letting kids make clubs and join hives that match their interests. It is targeted towards kids aged 7-12, a safe place for tweens to socialize online with like-minded kids.


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