How One Woman Has Set Gender Equality Back Decades

Author: Kim Bayne
Published: November 30, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Suzanne Venker has aggrieved millions of women by voicing her opinion that women are no longer feminine and are waging a war on men. I actually read the article in disbelief and was horrified that a woman, in this day and age, could have such a viewpoint.

Ms Venker makes the generalisation that women are angry and have been raised to see men as the enemy. She accuses women of self sabotaging our love lives and displacing men by knocking them off their 'pedestals' to pursue our ambitions and threatening them with our accomplishments. She links hard work and a desire for accomplishment with a lack of femininity and says that women are no longer women anymore. She concludes that if women adopt their traditional feminine roles the odds of finding a husband will dramatically improve.

Who are these angry, pitchfork-bearing witches? Who is raising this generation of men hating women that she speaks off? Ms Venker seems to have based her opinion on one piece of research from 1997 about marriage satisfaction and extrapolated that to claim that women are engaged in some sort of hate campaign toward men and that the men are cowering.

Women are born women, no one can take our gender or the role that it fulfills away from us unless we allow it. It concerns me that she assesses women's self-worth and identity in terms of how subservient a woman is to a man. She seems to believe that our accomplishments and desire to achieve in ours careers have stripped us of our gender.

She is suggesting that we all retreat to the kitchens and don floral aprons to ensure we are more endearing to men and to reassure them of their masculinity. Consequently men will be so relieved by this shift back to the dark ages that they will all come running to claim a wife.

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