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It is Easy to Have Self-Confidence

Author: Mellissa Moyers
Published: October 18, 2011 at 6:18 pm

My friends constantly rave over how great I am at giving advice. Ironically, I just tell them what I would tell myself in that situation. After giving countless pep talks to my friends, I realized that maybe this is not something all women do for themselves.

Basically if you are feeling depressed, stressed or overwhelmed about one thing or a million things, you just need some words of encouragement to get you back on track. Friends can be great shoulders to lean on but what if they are not readily available or have never felt or dealt with what you are going through…then what? Well the solution is to have the ability to do it for yourself. You need to be able to stop and say to yourself whatever you need to hear to feel better. If it was your best friend that needed to hear words of encouragement, you would shower her with praise and tell her how great she is to make her feel better. Now do that for yourself.

In most instances, the pep talk is more than the cliché “YOU CAN DO IT!” but it is amazing how much just saying that can help. It does not have to be a long drawn out speech. Start off with addressing the root of your problem then think, what would I say to my friend if she came to me with this problem, then start telling it to yourself. Do not forget to remind yourself of your accomplishments. This will give you strength in overcoming new obstacles.

Also, while you are giving yourself the pep talk, negative thoughts will undoubtedly creep in, so address them. Chances are those other negative thoughts are already part of the stress or depression you are feeling. The pep talk is just hashing all of it out.

The best example of a self-pep talk is Maria in the Sound of Music. Her song, I Have Confidence, is her pep talk to herself about being able to leave the convent, go out in the world on her own, and, of course, take care of seven children. Here are some of my favorite lines from I Have Confidence:

I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that spring will come again
Besides which you see I have confidence in me!

We all need to be more like Maria. Your first pep talk with yourself might not be as grand as Maria’s but you will gain more self-confidence with each pep talk. Soon, you will be walking tall with confidence just like Maria.


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