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Myth Busting Mommy Bursts Parenting Bubbles

Author: Steve Woods
Published: July 30, 2013 at 9:57 pm

You've seen her in your rear view mirror, gripping the wheel and white-knuckling down the highway, pulling one kid or another endlessly toward piano lessons, soccer games, art classes and more. The mom who wants her child to have as many creative and enriching experiences as possible, particularly during the formative years.

Hey, it's understandable to want your child to grow in as many ways as possible, but is filling all of their free time the way to do it? According to a top parenting blog, perhaps not...

It's the self-appointed job of Technorati Top 100 Family blog Myth Busting Mommy to burst as many "mommy myths" as possible, in order to help stressing parents chill out a bit, provide real facts and target their efforts in more useful ways.

In her recent post The Best Way To Encourage A Child’s Creativity, blog author Amber Schultz cites a study of authors, musicians, scientists and others who excel based on a constant flow of new ideas. The study found that society's more creative types spent a lot of time on their own, being, well, bored.

Very bored. And often. In fact, those studied said that it was this constant boredom that led them to develop such high levels of creativity.

Read more to discover how to balance your urge to usher in the next Einstein, Picasso or Baryshnikov with the need to simply leave your child to his or her own devices for awhile. You know, for their own good.

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If you are wanting to balance your parenting life with facts, follow Amber Schultz on Twitter and subscribe to Myth Busting Moms today.

What mommy myths have you discovered and exposed in your own personal parenting life?


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