Overweight? Obese? Belly Fat Increases Women's Dementia Risk, Says Study

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: January 03, 2012 at 10:56 pm


Excess fat is no joke! We've heard it ad nauseam. Regardless of whether we implement healthy lifestyles and maintain lean bodies, devouring fresh veggies, fish, lean chicken, meats and few white sugar/flour products, or eat fast food five times a week and top if off with junk food snacks between meals, we know that the more excess fat that is on our body, the greater our likelihood of contracting diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

A new study adds to this list of disease risks, dementia and Alzheimer's. Its findings show excess weight around the middle produces hormones, specifically, adiponectin, that correlate with these terrible degenerative conditions.

This is a wake up call, ladies, especially after all those New Years's resolutions you made to lose weight! You can take pills for diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes. You can be operated on for other problems related to obesity, like knee and hip replacements. But there is NO pill for dementia and/or Alzheimers. The doctors will tell you this, once the veils are off and they are staring you face to face. The pills given for Alzheimer's diminish some of the symptoms, slightly, but do nothing to arrest the progress of the tragic cognitive and physical decline.

So if you knew that there was a way to diminish the possibility of contracting Alzheimer's or dementia, wouldn't you be interested in pursuing this path, especially if your family has no history of either? All the more reason to be nutrition conscious, eating healthily as you age, for maybe you will be helping yourself prevent cognitive degeneration!

A bit of evidence to support this can be found in a study listed in Monday’s Archives of Neurology. Researchers analyzed frozen blood samples from 840 participants from the mammoth, longitudinal Framingham Heart Study. After the patients had been monitored for 13 years, samples were taken. Examiners made the following discovery: of the 541 women tracked for dementia, 159 developed some form of it, including 125 cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

Study authors recorded the link between adiponectin and dementia. Those with higher levels of adiponectin had a greater likelihood of dementia development by 60%, and of Alzheimer’s by 90%. Adiponectin, is a hormone which aids the body's homeostasis helping it use insulin to transport glucose as energy for cell function to various cells (i.e. neurons in the brain).

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