Prettie Girls Doll Line Empowering Girls Everywhere to Love Themselves

Author: Nancy Polanco
Published: February 25, 2012 at 11:13 am










Playing dolls is a part of almost every girl's childhood.

No matter what ethnicity, religion or tax bracket. From corn husk dolls to American Girl dolls.

But, it would be incorrect to say that ethnicity does not affect a little girl's perspective on beauty and self-esteem because it profoundly does.

One study conducted by psychologist Kenneth Clark over 50 years ago showed that racial segregation highly influences children. One study showed that when African-American children were presented with dolls, they predominantly chose Caucasian dolls opposed to African-American dolls. Some stigmatized to believe that white Barbies were prettier in which they felt inferior.

Stacey McBride-Irby has designed a line of dolls that hopes to end this feeling of inferiority and in turn embracing individuality and the beauty in all races.

In an interview with CNN, McBride-Irby describes that Prettie Girls has dolls that are African American, Latino and bi-racial beauties. McBride-Irby is responsible for making the first African-American Barbie in 2009 which more accurately depicted a black woman. This was her "So In Style" line.


She says, "I want them to see themselves within these dolls, and let them know that black is beautiful...I searched high and low for a doll that was my skin complexion...a doll that looked like me."

McBride-Irby is helping litle girls everywhere accept their own outer beauty and also looking within at their inner beauty. In a way where they can relate by outward appearance and strive to be strong and proud inwardly.

Each doll has their own personality, Valencia is a fiery latina that is seeking fame, she's bold and daring and loves to cook. Alexie is Caucasian, a preemie at birth but, she's fiesty and fun-loving girl who loves the Glee club. Kimani is African while Lena is African-American. Dahlia is Middle-Eastern and the comedian of the bunch and always the centre of attention.

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