Robin Roberts: A Trailblazer, Role Model, and Courageous Human Being

Author: Tash Jefferies
Published: June 21, 2012 at 8:01 pm
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I must admit, as I've not owned a television in over seven years, when I first saw this article about Robin Roberts, I had no idea who she was. When I read her story, and how she's publicly announced her own battle with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), I was humbled by her history, story and spirit.

After reading the article, I realized the importance of the following:

  • Acknowledging Role Models While They're Still Alive - There were six young women sharing their stories of interacting, learning from, and working with Ms. Roberts. Those who have paved the way for us need to hear how much they've impacted our lives in a positive way, while they can still fully appreciate our words, sentiments and love.
  • Authenticity is What Really Counts - I love the fact that this woman of colour, in a man's field, and the first to be hired by ESPN kept her phrase "Go on with your bad self!". It takes confidence to be who you are, even in an environment where you are unlike any others around you.
  • Illnesses Don't Discriminate - Look at this lady; She's gorgeous, very fit, emanates vibrancy, is very successful in her field, yet she's having a bout with MDS. This goes to show that illness can strike anywhere, any time, and even those who are the immaculate image of health are susceptible.
  • Even Trials Bring Hope - After going public about her illness, the number of bone marrow donations increased by 1800%. Her courage is causing thousands of people across the country to say YES to LIFE, and give hope to those in need of help.

If you are familiar with my writing, you know that I also have a personal connection with cancer in my own family. I now have friends that are having the same battles now as well. Our ability to stay positive, have hope, and be strength to those battling the illness are crucial parts of their healing process. 

Ms. Roberts, from this Scotian raised writer who's committed to help facilitate healing of minds, bodies and souls all over the world, you have a new fan. Its stories like yours that re-commit me to my purpose here on earth, of providing a safe, open and compassionate space for healing. 

There is healing power in words of hope, love and courage.I will continue to provide these in abundance, and teach others how to do the same.

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