Searching for a New Car

Author: Angela Flynn
Published: February 13, 2012 at 9:01 pm

My 1997 Honda CR-V has logged 175,000 miles. It is 14 years old and although it is still running, its age has started to cost money. Parts are rotting out, it rattles off and on, and there are numerous drops of oil all over the driveway. My feeling has always been that as long as the car runs, there is no need to think about a new one. However, I have finally decided that I don't want to put more money into replacing parts, and want the security of going on a long drive without worry. So, the search for a new car has begun.

I am in the market for a crossover vehicle. The size suits my needs and I feel comfortable driving this type of vehicle. After looking at many makes and models, there are some features that seem to be similar across the market. The boxy shape has become extinct. Most have rounded the shape starting with a sloping front windshield, a curved top, and a rounded back-end. The back window has shrunk so much so that in some models, it looks like a peep-hole. There are many blind spots which for me, is not good. I don't think I can adjust to the lack of vision. This bubble shape has also cut down on the amount of cargo space. I also find it interesting that so many have added that little triangle window on the side. Did one person design all the cars for 2012?

Sit inside and the dashboard looks like the cockpit of an airplane. So many tiny buttons, screens, bluetooth, iPod plugin, etc. Is all this really necessary? All I need is a good radio, heat and air conditioning, lights, and wipers. No doubt all these buttons and knobs contribute to the growing number of distracted drivers. One dealer went on and on about the phone access and the moon roof. I finally said that those features weren't big selling points, and that I could live without them. He realized that I wasn't going to be buying the top of the line model, and started showing me the more basic one. Talk to me about gas mileage, leg room, cargo space, all wheel drive and I'm all ears. I have done my homework and know what I want.

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