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Sex--The Other Olympic Sport

Author: MaryFran Bontempo
Published: July 28, 2012 at 3:43 pm

So that’s where Vegas got its motto.

To an outsider, the Olympics represent excellence in athletics, competition and a chance for the world to show the best of itself for two all-too-brief weeks every few years.

For the Olympians themselves, it represents the ultimate opportunity to excel at their sport, a chance for all the years of hard work to culminate in the honor of competing for their country with the best athletes in the world.

Apparently, it also means having a lot of sex.

After passing out 70,000 condoms during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and upping the number to 100,000 at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, whoever is in charge of free Olympic condoms has waved his or her magic wand (no pun intended) to gift athletes with at least 150,000 opportunities to have protected sex during the London summer sex-fest…er summer games.

It seems that sex is another Olympic sport—one that’s not televised for public consumption, although it would probably be a lot more interesting to watch than badminton—no offense to athletes who spend their time whacking a shuttlecock. Sorry, poor choice of words.

According to an article appearing in ESPN’s July Body Issue, sex is everywhere in the Olympic Village, with beautiful bodies changing beds so often that Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders invokes what she calls the “second Olympic motto: ‘What happens in the village stays in the village.’” It’s a diplomatic and cultural free-for-all, and it gives rise to all sorts of possibilities as to how to turn nature’s sporting event into an actual Olympic sport.

It could be a cross between an legitimate Olympic event, with qualifying time trials (faster is NOT better for this one), and a reality show, where viewers get to choose which athletes they want to see “compete” with which other athletes, voting off anyone who comes up “short.” (I’m sorry; seeing Magic Mike a few weeks ago ruined me.)

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