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Shocking Sex Attacks

Author: Ajeet Khurana
Published: March 10, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Sex is the most primordial urge in living beings that comes vibrant with innumerable shades and is capable of both making and breaking dynasties. Instances are strewn all over in epics, dramas and often-tragic incidents in real life when libido goes loose and maligns humanity big time.

The recent Wellingborough sex attacks resonate with the same grim wisdom and leave a serious question to contemplate; where are the next gen youths heading? Six cases of molestation have been reported so far in the Northamptonshire town. The latest attack on a 24 year old woman gave enough reason for the police to believe that the same person perpetrated the previous five attacks.

The suspect is allegedly a young man in his late teens who keeps his face concealed while settling score with his victims. The police are diligently doing their rounds however the root cause of such destructive mindset in youths is something no society could possibly eradicate.

Sex is a beautiful expression of life which is not only restricted to physical unison of two bodies but is natures own godly scheme of propagation. Rape however is a heinous manifestation of mental aberration springing chiefly from the desire to control. Generally frustrated people give vent to their desire by taking control over the weaker sex. This act of forcibly making someone indulges in sex revs up the distorted feeling of being powerful in the perpetrators mind.

But the truth is almost diametrically opposite and in congruence with the proverb “All cruelty springs from weakness”. The person indulging in the crime is no less a hapless victim than the one who’s been raped. Victims of molestation have often showed remarkable courage, girth and determination in bringing the offenders to the gallows. Rapists usually lack courage and are busy to disprove their lack of courage by committing a hideous act of cowardice.

Ethical conduct is nothing but a habit that needs to be nurtured carefully right from early childhood. Teenagers however often behave irresponsibly due to hormonal overdrive but these feeling tones down with time as the teen acquires adequate maturity and evolves as a responsible human being. Sense of security and being loved unselfishly contributes in developing the personality of a teenager and eventually brings out the magnificent butterfly from the ugly cocoon.

To cut it short, no amount of policing could ever help Wellingborough or any other place until parents are fully aware of the magic of selfless love and faithfulness.


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