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Author: Jennifer Bush
Published: May 07, 2010 at 9:06 am

Vaccinations don't cause autism; the research is there. Gerber and Offit, in their paper "Vaccines and Autism: A Tale of Shifting Hypotheses," note that "Twenty epidemiologic studies have shown that neither thimerosal nor MMR vaccine causes autism." Let's stop using fear to confuse parents into making deadly decisions for their - and our - children. If anyone has something to be scared of, it's me. I have one child with autism, and it is heartbreaking. I'm not sure how I could bear it if my daughter was also on the spectrum. Thankfully, so far, she seems to be developing typically. She's crawling and laughing and starting to talk. But we're just a few months away from when things started to go so wrong with my son. I watch her every move, looking for signs, breathing a tentative sigh of relief every time she points to an object or makes eye contact.

Her MMR vaccine is next week.

Original post to Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Jen also writes at her personal blog, Anybody Want a Peanut? and at Autism Sucks.

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