Why You Should Consider Birthing at Home

Author: Kristina Russell
Published: May 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm


Both my sons were born at a hospital. This was not what I wanted, however I was told that it was in their best interest because of all the possible things that can go wrong in a delivery. Being young and not entirely well versed in child birthing, I believed the tales I was told.

Once it was time for the big occasion, I regretted this decision immensely because I felt cheated out of the emotions of the experience. The birth team with my first son was so hurried, I didn’t even get to hold him right away and missed out on that immediate bonding that happens when the child first enters the world. My second son’s birth was a better experience but still very rushed and the medications made my contractions long and unproductive.

I have since become a fan of home births. Apparently I am not alone.  There has been a 20% increase in home births in the last four years in the United States. An avid spokesperson for homebirths, and a participant on two occasions, is Mayim Bialik, Ph.D. , former star of TV’s “Blossom” and actress on the current “Big Bang Theory”. Her first son required transfer to the hospital for delivery, her second son was successfully born in her home with the assistance of a midwife.

Mayim states her opinion in an article titled “Mayim Bialik: Why women shouldn't fear home birth”. She states a valid point that before the last 200 years of modern organized medicine, child birthing was done privately with supportive women helping the mom-to-be. Emotions were allowed no matter how loud or if it was crying, laughing, or both. Another very good fact that is pointed out is that in Northern Europe, which is leading in the support of home births, birth related mortality rates for mothers and babies are the lowest of any location.

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