Would You Like a Baby? How Much Would You Like To Pay?

Author: Donald Allen
Published: July 18, 2011 at 7:25 pm

Are you in the market for a small child?  This past weekend, parents around the globe apparently put their children up for sale, and they take cash, check or PayPal.



First up, in Geelong, Australia, just down the road from Melbourne, a mother thought it would a great laugh to put her children up for sale on eBay.  Several bids were given for the children, but the actual bid amounts were not available.  This comes as a shock for the community leading the Victorian Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary to remark to the Geelong Advertiser, “Children should not be used as the butt of jokes and she needs to find something more productive with her time and she needs to wake up to herself.” 

In a related story, a Vancouver, Washington, woman tried to sell her 3-day old child at a Taco Bell.  According to a Seattle Times article, the woman, who already had been arrested previously on other warrants, allegedly offered to sell her child to another Taco Bell patron.  The cost of said child: $500.

All of this comes just mere days after the Casey Anthony verdict in Florida, and would lead a spectator to wonder what has become of the state of parenting.  One thing that is apparent is that the public at large will not tolerate such poor parenting behavior.

 In Australia, the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare’s president is asking that the mother be held liable for her actions and the Department of Human Services is investigating the matter.  In Washington, the matter was reported to the police by the woman approached by the mother, apparently in concern for the child’s well-being.  Child Protective Services, meanwhile, has taken custody of the baby.

The more shocking response is from the parents in question.  In Australia, it was all part of a joke.  In Washington, the mother denied trying to sell her baby.  Fortunately for the children, a diligent public, as well as a quick response from eBay.com, meant that they avoided becoming a statistic for human trafficking.


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