Women’s Health’s social media advice to social women

Women’s Health’s social media advice to social women

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Women’s Health magazine recently hosted their 2nd annual #SocialMoments Beauty Awards Breakfast at the Andaz in New York City. The event hosts a social media panel discussing best practices for aspiring social brands. Panel experts shared philosophies, examples, and tips on how organizations can make the most of their social campaigns to engage consumers.


Print:  Women’s Health’s Beauty Awards are categorized by key social moments— at work, after hours, at the gym, on vacation and every social moment.  WH editors and thousands readers tested and voted on hundreds of products across 5 categories and selected the 78 winners that are the best for every facet of a woman’s  life.  New this year, the features (attached) includes the editors showcasing the winning products using their own social media photos.

Digital: Women’s Health is partnering with Preen.Me, the destination site for beauty lovers where you can find personalized beauty tutorials from makeup artists, stylists and users, to create a Women’s Health featuring all of this year’s winning products.  When you go to each product, hundreds of images will pop up for beauty inspiration using our award winners that you can shop instantly. This marks the site’s first partnership with a consumer publication.

Social: Women’s Health’s will conduct a social search/contest for an Instagrammer with amazing makeup tips and tutorials to become the brand’s top beauty Instagrammer. The judges—WH beauty director Molly Nover- Baker and makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen (whose clients include Naomi Watts and Salma Hayek)—will select the winner, who will become WH’s designated Summer Beauty Blogger and will also win a three-night spa trip for two to the Gansevoort Turks + Caicos and will be featured in a future issue of Women’s Health.

For this year’s event panelists included Doug Jossem of Twitter, Claudia Huapaya of AOL Lifestyle, Mollie Chen of Birchbox, and Site Director, Carolyn Klystra. The panelists spoke to nearly 400 guests.

Sage social advice

Some of the best advice from event panelists of the #SocialMoments Beauty Awards event, are captured below.

Who is winning on social media?

Mollie Chen, Birchbox: “GE. They have taken a super-consumer brand and made it sexy.”

What doesn’t work on social media?

Claudia Huapaya, AOL: “Stretching too far. Stay true to your brand.”

Viral Content

Millie Chen, Birchbox: “Always aim to create something that people will want to share…what would you send to a friends?”

Carolyn Klystra, WH: “The model is to create content that makes sense for your brand. Because that resonates with your reader, it will be shared.”

How do you optimize social media to get in on the action, i.e., Award Shows?

Doug Jossen, Twitter: “Planned for the unplanned.”

Mollie Chen, Birchbox: “We think of our brand as a person.”

User Generated Content

Mollie Chen, Birchbox: “We amplify what people are saying.”

How have consumers changed?

Carolyn Klystra, WH: “We have a shorter attention span. We’re not just competing with other publications and websites, we’re also competing with your friends.”

Doug Jossem, Twitter: “When you reach out on social media there’s an expectation that brands will respond.”

Claudia Huapaya, AOL: “That obligation doesn’t just apply to social. They expect it with your content as well.”

Mollie Chen, Birchbox: “You don’t need to be everywhere, you just need to find your focus.”

How do you monetize?

Doug Jossem, Twitter: “You can tell your followers to purchase your product. If you don’t tell people to do something, they won’t.”

  • Kyra

    Very good advice I’m seeing here… especially the last one
    from Doug Jossem. I don’t like to be pushy so I don’t come right out and tell
    followers to purchase my product(s), but when he says it like that… he’s
    absolutely right!

    I have a few makeup artist friends who use Instagram – I’ll
    be sending them to this post so they know about the contest!

  • sthe

    I am just so happy with everything and the time we live in, internet, social media especially! i know sometime there’s too much information but woman are really good when it comes to share tips either it’s make up tips, fashion, healthy recipes, business tips, losing weight, motivativating others, health issues and lot more, so woman deserve lot more recognition

  • Andy Barnshaw

    Mollie Chen’s advice, “Always aim to create something that people will want to share…what would you send to friends?” is perhaps the best advice from this whole event and it applies to all companies. Some of the most popular choices for viral content are “Top 10 lists” or “Unique ways to…”, things that are most likely to make the user share or click through.